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Johannes Brahms Concerto No. 1 in e minor, Opus 38 (complete)

Édouard Lalo Cello Concerto in d minor, Prelude, Lento – Allegro maestoso

Machine Learning

Sample-Efficient Reinforcement Learning Through Transfer and Architectural Priors in NIPS Workshop on Cognitively Informed Artificial Intelligence, December 2017.

Halite Artificial Intelligence Programming Competition

Halite is an open source, artificial intelligence programming challenge where players build bots using the coding language of their choice to battle on a two-dimensional virtual board.  Sponsored by Two Sigma, with initial support from Cornell Tech and, in 2017, Google.

Video: The Halite Global AI Programming Competition in Google Cloud (Cloud Next), Elsie Kenyon, Benjamin Spector, Michael Truell, Jacques Clapauch

Halite II Programming Challenge (Competition dates: October 23, 2017 to January 22, 2018)

Players of Halite II2 have a similar goal, which is to occupy all the planets, be the sole survivor, produce the most ships, and/or do the most battle damage.

Halite Programming Challenge (2016)

Players of the original Halite, launched in 2016, had as their goal to take over the largest share of a virtual grid.  Benjamin developed the game and co-engineered the effort with Michael Truell.  More than 1500 bots were competing at the end of the game period.  See The Design and Implementation of Modern Online Programming Games for more on this.

Emily Spector

Departed Qualities (Album)

No More Division Album Review 

Tension (Song), by Serena Harnack and Emily Spector.

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2020 Pelhamdale Japanese Maple Leafing